Taylor’s Breakthrough!

Most children Taylor’s age are little social butterflies…they love to give and receive attention from children their age and from adults. Taylor has never been interested in the “social scene”. She would rather sit by herself and do what she likes to do…until now that is! Since starting school in January, her inner social butterfly is emerging, and we couldn’t be more excited! Every day it seems as if she is more aware of her surroundings and the people around her; family or not.

When Taylor first started school, she wanted nothing to do with the other children. I took her to school, so I saw how she reacted to the other kids. All she wanted to do is sit with me. After about a month and a half she would get up and walk around, but still kept to herself.

Monday was her first day back from Spring break. I noticed that she walked near the other kids, taking in all their actions…even laughing with them! I wasn’t the only one who noticed. A few of the instructors even commented on how aware she seems to be.

I have to say that today was the real breakthrough…we got to school early, so we went inside to wait for her instructor. Another mother showed up with her sons,( the oldest is 4 and autistic, the other is 2). They started chasing each other up and down the hallway, and by gosh if Taylor didn’t start chasing them! They were a lot faster than her (she’s only been waking independently for about 6 weeks) but she went as fast as her little legs would carry her! When they would get to the end of the hallway, they would turn around an head back, passing Taylor, and she would laugh like it was the best thing ever! They all carried on like this until it was time for class to start.

I’m sure for some this really doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for Taylor, who has to work a lot harder to learn the simplest things, it is huge. Social skills are critical for making it in this world, and all I want for Taylor is to have the best life she can have, autism and all. I know now that she is on the right path. She is capable of anything…I know it.


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