Happy Birthday Kyle and Marc! 18 Years Old!

These are my younger brothers Marc (on the left) and Kyle. They celebrated their 18th birthday’s yesterday. Kyle is the older twin (by about a half hour)

Everyone had a great time! The whole family was together, which I have to admit does not happen very often. The whole family includes our parents, Doug and Kathi, my siblings, Kyle, Marc, Kristi and her husband of 5 1/2 years Rob, and of course me, Doug and the kids. Both boys also brought their girlfriends: Tabitha (Kyle) and Nikki (Marc).

The boys (a dreaded twin nickname since birth) did not fail to entertain…Doug offered $10 to the first one in the pool…(mind you it was about 60 degrees both in and out of the pool)…it was a mad dash to change and get there first…I believe Marc made it, but not by much…after they got out Doug threw the money in the pool and said “whoever gets it, keeps it.”

So back in the pool they went…Kyle was in first and landed on it, but Marc ended up $10 richer!

Then Doug and Rob thought they needed another dip in the pool! ( That’s Kyle, Marc had already been thrown in.) We had so much fun! Everyone had a great time. Here are some random pictures fom the night:


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