Back from the Beach

We got back from our weekend getaway in South Haven yesterday. Part of me wished I could stay. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to come home to the kids, but part of me wanted to stay in the carefree atmosphere…where I could do as I liked, when I wanted to.

Anyway, the resort where we stayed was gorgeous…we were right on Lake Michigan. We went to Harbor Fest, which was going on all weekend. On Friday night we walked all the way down the pier at South Beach at about 11pm…it was almost scary…it was very windy and pitch black! All in all the trip was a very relaxing experience…one that I needed badly!

I got a lot of pictures, but they were mostly taken with my new camera ( the film has yet to be developed, the big drawback to the 35mm cameras) I did take a few with my digital, some of which I will post. I will post some of the 35mm shots once I get them back ( thank heavens for picture CD’s ).

Friday night’s sunset. I took this right from the resort, we were right on the lake!

The pier at South Beach. Unfortunately I had to get the parking lot…I’ll crop it out later 🙂 .

An exhibit at the Michigan Maritime Museum. It’s a fishing boat named The Evelyn S.

Doug using my new camera. I had to fight him for it all weekend!

That’s all the pictures I have for now. Once I get the rest of mine developed, I will post some more.


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