My Oh My…

I just got home from taking Aaron and Taylor to the doctor for their yearly appointments. It has been a year since either one have gone (after age 2 appointments are yearly, then at 8 they are bi-yearly). I was very shocked at the heights and weights of these two! Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!
Aaron measured 54″ tall (which is 4′ 6″) and weighs 93 1/2 pounds! My goodness! It’s a good dang thing he’s so tall or or we’d have problems! He’s in the 97th percentile for height and weight, which means (for those of you that may not) on average he’s taller than 97% of 7 year olds and that 3% of 7 year olds are taller than him. (This figure also applies to weight).
Miss Taylor, on the other hand, is truly another story. She’s always been on the small side, so I’m really not too suprised with her stats anymore, I just wish I had them, too! Taylor measured 35″ tall (2’11”) and a mere 27 pounds. That’s it…what’s really sad is that Emma is pushing at least 22 pounds! She falls in the 25th percentile for height and the 15th for weight.
All in all, everyone’s healthy, and that’s all I really care about…I just think it’s funny compare the stats…plus I’m wating for the day that Emma passes Taylor in height and weight…I have a feeling it won’t be too long from now!

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