The Zoo, Part II

I didn’t have the patience to deal with the ever-uncooperative blogger last night, so I waited until today to post some more of my zoo pics. If I have problems, I just might pitch a fit…I’m in one of those moods…

A pretty parrot.

A beautiful (and not very happy) tiger.

Aaron riding a camel!

Taylor and Marc in the bird area…at the time I was standing outside (hence the funkiness of the picture) . Taylor was facinated with all the birds…she kept trying to touch them and they’d fly away.

Aaron and Marc went all the way to the top. (Not in this pic).

At the zoo entrance.

A free-range rooster.

*Note~I pitched a fit…it took 3 separate attemps to get my pics to upload. Plus, Iwas going to do more after this rooster and Blogger wouldn’t upload anymore…ARGHHH!


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