Auction Finds

Doug has been going to auctions with his dad ever since he was a kid, when we got married I started going to them, too. They are a lot of fun. My favorites are estate auctions. You can find some really neat things.

Doug and I took the kids to an estate auction of a distant family member (my father-in-law’s cousin’s uncle or something to that nature…) last Friday. It was a day long event. There was so much stuff and everything would be gone by the end of the day. We walked away with quite a bit…some of which we had picked up for Doug’s dad, who had to work at the last minute. Here’s some pictures of some of the things we got:

This is a beautiful hand painted Hurricane lamp. I spied it right away and told Doug I wanted it. We walked away with it for $20.

Some pretty glass serving dishes…there are 6 total. We paid around $10 for them.

These are collector’s spoons…I have 6 pictured, but there’s at least 15 or so more where these came from. We paid $10 or $12 dollars for these.

We also bought some blankets, a set of silver (silverware), set of golf clubs ( an entire set, plus a cart for the bag for $10! Since we don’t golf…ebay, baby!) Plus the couple of items we bought for his dad. Sometimes you can’t believe the deals you can find if you look in the right places.


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