Whew! I’ve been busy!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been overwhelmed with stuff to do lately! I usually have enough time to check my email and read the blogs that I follow, and that’s about it.

The start of the new school year brought a lot of new activities into my lap…for one, Open House for Aaron was on Monday (a lot earlier than last year, I might add…I did not get to got last year because I had just given birth to Emma). Aaron joined Cub Scouts today and is starting Karate lessons on Saturday! He’s a busy little boy!

I have also been busy preparing for Emma’s 1st birthday and party. (Her party is Sunday, her birthday is Monday). It seems like I just did all this! (I did, 2 months ago!)

We are also smack in the middle of trying to buy a house…it’s coming along, slow but sure.

Hopefully things will fall into a routine fairly soon…otherwise I may end up going nuts!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!


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