Family Outing

Yesterday we we to a place called Gull Meadow Farms. They have an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, activities for the kiddies, hay rides, etc. It was a gorgeous day (about 68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky) and this place was packed! We’d never been there before, but I had seen an advertisement on TV for the place and it’s something I really wanted to do this year. We had a really great time. We bought some apples and some cider, but we did not end up getting our pumpkins there. Like I said before, this place was crazy busy and the lines were horrendous. Besides, the girls were getting restless. So we stopped at a little place we knew on the way home and got the pumpkins (Emma slept the whole way there! She was beat!)

This little apple has an arm!

A little old for this?

Poor Taylor, she did not like this at all…

Daddy and Emmy.

Taylor watching the other children play. We thought maybe she’d want to try some of the activities, but all she wanted to do is play in the grass by herself.
Emma took this picture…seriously…she wanted to push the button on the camera so I turned the camera toward me and let her take the picture!

One of the many pumpkin displays in the children’s area.


Aaron playing on some hay bales. I honestly have no idea what he’s doing in this pic…the sun was shining so bright that I could barely see the display on my camera…so I was basically winging it when I took this. How funny!

Sleepy girl!


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