Halloween Costumes!

Well, we finally got the all the kids’ costumes for Halloween. We bought the girls theirs last weekend, but we had a hard time finding one for Aaron. He’s in an odd size right now. I think these costumes are great…even Aaron’s who’s dressing up like a video game character.

I’m taking my cue from Missy here by just posting pictures of what the costumes look like…just not on my kids…although I do have pictures!!

Aaron is going to be Scorpion from Mortal Kombat…I was thinking along the lines of Harry Potter or something, but this is what he wanted. It’s so nice when they can make their own decisions…

Taylor is going to be Tinkerbell!! This is such a pretty costume! Taylor looks great in it. The wings aren’t attached, so after Halloween I plan to use them in some photos of the girls…can’t wait!

Last, but not least is Emma’s costume…Baby Ballerina Snow White! I fell in love with this costume the moment I saw it. It’s too adorable!


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