Can Your Cell Phone Swim?

The answer in our case…No. But I’m sure you’re dying to know how we came up with this deduction. So here’s the story.

Yesterday I was in the bathroom brushing my hair. I had left the door open and Emma came in and was wandering around speaking Emma-nese. She was in my line of sight so I continued to mess with my hair (which, by the way, was looking awful ). Anyway, she went behind me toward the toilet (why do little ones have such a fascination with toilets?) and before I could stop her, she plopped daddy’s cell phone in for a swim (I didn’t even know she even had it!).

I plucked it out (gross) and yelled for Doug to come get it. He tried for quite a while to revive it, but it became very clear that there was no hope for survival. It was pronounced dead and is destined to spend eternity as Emma’s toy.

Doug had an old phone he is still able to use until he is able to get another one. It wouldn’t be that important, but a lot of people from work use it to get a hold of him. He won’t admit it, but he’s broken up over the loss…just kidding…

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Happy Monday!

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