I know I haven’t posted too much lately…there’s just not too much going on that’s bloggable. ( I might have just invented a new word, though!) So I guess I’ll do an update post.

All the kids are great. Emma’s vocabulary is slowly increasing. She can say ” da-da”, “what’s this”, “sissy”, “hi”, “chicka-chicka” and “ma-ma” (She only says “ma-ma” when she’s wailing at the top of her lungs). Oh, and don’t ask where “chicka-chicka” comes from…she just started saying it one day! She’s got 10 teeth now, with 2 on the way in. Along with those teeth is a runny nose that she’s had for about a month and a half. (She’s been steadily teething all that time..). She’s also going through some severe separation anxiety. I can’t leave her with anyone to do anything! It’s getting to be a pretty stressful thing. I hope she’ll get over it soon.

Aaron’s been really busy with school, judo and Cub Scouts. We have fall conferences for him next week (already!). He’s been doing great in school. Spelling seems to be a real strong point for him. He has aced every test so far this year! The only thing he struggles with is his handwriting…it’s awful! I think he takes after Doug there…I can’t ever read anything he writes!
Aaron earned his first cub Scout badge a couple of weeks ago (his Bobcat badge). He had to do a lot of requirements to earn it. I have to hand it to Doug, he’s been really dedicated to helping Aaron with all that they’ve been doing in Scouts…which is a lot. It’s good for the two of them to do things together…it’s been a bonding thing. I’m real glad…they don’t always see eye to eye and this is helping them get along better.

Taylor is still doing great! Her potty training is coming along well. Although some days are definitely better than others! I went to her school last week for her yearly IEP ( Individualized Education Plan). It’s basically outlines all the goals that have been set for her for the next year in all areas (gym, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and classroom). It also states how much time a month she receives in each area, other than classroom. It’s complicated stuff…I generalized as much as possible. I also found out that she no longer needs physical therapy and that she will be getting pool time come January! Woo-hoo for Taylor!

Not much more to update on. Although I will mention that I picked up a part time job working at the customer service area at the mall. It’s only seasonal, but I must be crazy…I remember all the hellacious holiday seasons I spent at Meijer and now I go to the mall??? Yeah, well, this crazy girl needs some spending money!


One thought on “Ho-Hum…

  1. Good to hear that everyone is doing well!

    I forgot that you were a Meijer gal too. I worked there for 6 freakin’ years…and it definitely helped me with the spending money. I was loaded as a high schooler-damn those were the days!

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