Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Yesterday was Aaron’s 8th birthday! Boy, how the time flies. I can remember when he was Emma’s age, toddling around and always getting into trouble. Now he’s 8, almost halfway through 2nd grade, doing Cub Scouts and Judo. He’s such a great big brother, too. Both Doug and I are extremely proud of him.

We had a party for him at a bowling alley, which is what he’s wanted to do since his birthday last year. All the family was there, plus he got to invite a couple of friends along. They got to bowl a couple of games and then they had pizza and cake. After we opened the gifts (that kid was spoiled…and Christmas is only 3 weeks away!) we took the kids (old and young) to the game room to play some games and ride the bumper cars. One of Aaron’s friends came home with us afterward, and the two of them spent the remainder of the day playing with all his new stuff which included : 4 X-box games (yes, I said 4), an electronic drum set, and interactive Spiderman game, a dvd, a couple of Spongebob books and a few other things I can’t quite remember. Oh, I forgot…Doug and I gave him a BB gun this morning…we didn’t want to take it to the bowling alley (for obvious reasons).

Here’s some pics I took at the party!

That’s all for now! Sorry about my infrequent posting…I’ve been a lot busier now that I’m working again…I’ll do better, I promise!


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Aaron!

  1. Love the pictures!! Happy birthday to Aaron, who certainly is a great big brother to his sweet little sisters!!!

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