2006 Year In Review

A WONDERFUL idea of Missy’s

A month by month rundown of important events in 2006.

January: Taylor started attending Croyden Avenue school, enrolled in their autistic impaired preschool. Aaron just turned 7, Taylor is 2 1/2, and Emma 4 months old.

February: Taylor began walking independently (at 2 1/2) after only 6 weeks of physical therapy.

March: I made my first blog entry this month. This blog was originally titled “All the Days of my Life”. Emma says her first word, which was “da-da”.

April: My brother’s turn 18…and reek their havoc on the world!

May: My brother Marc graduated from high school. My best friend Christine and her husband welcomed their 2nd (her 4th) child, Joshua Edward, into the world.

June: Doug and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and took a much needed weekend trip to South Haven. Emma had to go the the Emergengy Room after falling and hurting her arm. I started my second blog titled “Picture This”.

July: Taylor turned 3 on July 15. She also got her ears pierced. We had an enormous heat wave, with temps in the upper 90’s and heat indicies in the mid 100’s.

August: Emma took her first steps (at 10 1/2 mos. old!). We went to the Kalamazoo County Fair and the John Ball Zoo. Doug had his 26th birthday.

September: Aaron started 2nd grade on the 5th. Taylor resumed preschool the same day. Emma turned 1 on the 18th. Doug’s brother Steve got married on the 23rd. Aaron began both Cub Scouts and Judo. Emma is walking all the time, now. Started my third blog “Unlocking the Puzzle::Taylor’s Story”.

October: We had a really warm and beautiful fall…that is until the 12th when we had our first snow! For Halloween Aaron was Scorpion (from Mortal Kombat), Taylor was tinkerbell and Emma was Snow White.

November: A slow month, really…I did get a seasonal job working at the Customer Service desk at the mall. It is my first job outside the home in almost three years.

December: Aaron turned 8 on the 2nd. I turned 27 on the 11th. Both girls got the stomach flu and then Emma got an ear infection. Had a wonderful Christmas.

It was a good year.

Well, only 45 minutes left of 2006…I think I’ll join Doug in the living room, finish my drink, and get ready to ring in 2007…Happy New Year everyone!


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