Making Waffles in the Bathroom

Today has just been one of those days that I wish I would’ve just stayed in bed. For real. We are having some electrical problems in our kitchen, which is making easy things like making breakfast, a major ordeal.

Let me rewind back a couple of weeks for some background. A few weeks back the refrigerator, microwave and the toaster quit working. We were freaking out, Not so much because of the microwave and toaster, but because of the refrigerator. After some investigative work, we discovered that these 2 outlets are wired together or something, so if 1 goes so does the other. Doug fiddled around with the fridge and was able to get both working.

Fast forward to last night. We had just gotten groceries, fed the kids a late dinner and put them to bed. I was hungry and was going to make myself something to eat. I put my plate in the microwave, turned it on, then nothing. I wiggled the plug, moved the plug. Nothing. I yelled out to Doug who says “Check the refrigerator to see if it’s still running.” Negative. (I know for a fact that it had been working, seeing as how I had just gotten food from there).

Doug fiddled with it for a few minutes, then got an extension cord and plugged it into a different outlet and so now we have a fridge. The other 2 are a different story.

So this morning I go to make the kids some waffles. I know that the toaster wasn’t working, so I say to Aaron “I have to make these in the microwave, the toaster’s not working.” Yes, I know. DUH….Then I remember about the microwave and decide to move the toaster to one of the 2 other outlets in the kitchen. Neither one of them worked either. I knew I probably wouldn’t get anything from one of them but I honestly thought the other one would work…

So anyway, I was slightly angry at this point “why doesn’t anything in this house work?! I can’t wait until we get the heck out of here!” I picked up the toaster, waffles, and plates and marched to the bathroom (Why? Because of the counter.). Not to mention I had Emma following me screaming her head off because she was hungry. So, I made the waffles in the bathroom. The kids ate and are now content. Now just a few more hours until my saga continues with…lunch.


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