So Sick of Everyone Being Sick!

*Warning* This post contains refrences to both poo and vomit….

At one point or another, everyone in this family has been sick this week. Some of us repeatedly. I am getting to fed up with cleaning up poo and vomit. It seems like that’s all I’ve done since Saturday (hence my lack of posts this week).

I will give an overview of all that happened, and I will try not to gross any one out…

It all started Saturday night when I got sick. I have not been sick since my 26th birthday, so it has been a while. It was not fun… Anyway I went to bed that night hoping things would be better in the morning, but things actually got worse. I woke up at about 5:30 in the morning because I could hear someone crying. It was Aaron. He was in the bathroom…pooing…and had been in there repeatedly since about 1 am. I came out to the living room and found that Taylor was awake. I sat down at the computer for a minute and then went to go see if Taylor would go back to bed, only to find that she’d thrown up on herself. So basically Sunday consisted of Doug waiting on me, Aaron and Taylor all day long…and trying to keep track of Emma, who really didn’t understand why we were lying around all day long.

On Monday and Tuesday Aaron and Taylor did not have school. It was well below zero and therefore they cancelled school. So this gave them both a chance to recover. By Tuesday, Doug had caught the “bug” and had to stay home from work and Emma developed a slight case of the “poos”. Then that night Aaron relasped and was vomiting all over the place.

School resumed for Aaron and Taylor on Wednesday, but I kept them both at home. Aaron was still sick and Taylor was not eating and drinking as much as I would have liked, so I thought it would be better for her to stay home an extra day.

By Thursday everything seeded to be back to normal, except for the fact that Emma vomited in her crib during the night, so now she had it. Aaron and Taylor returned to school. By that night everyone seemed to be doing allright, that is until Taylor vomited during dinner (fortunately she had not been eating). So I kept her home on Friday.

Last but definately not least, my brother, Kyle, has been staying with us since Wednesday. He was sick with the same stuff all day yesterday. I’m pretty sure he got it from us…

I honestly think that we are all over this bug…but seeing as it has a tendency to rear it’s ugly head more than once, I’m not taking any chances!

So that is my tale of our sickness…I hope I didn’t gross anyone out!


2 thoughts on “So Sick of Everyone Being Sick!

  1. Yuck. I hate being sick too, and when my babies are sick it is 10 times worse. Hopefully you are all feeling better!

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