Another Monday

Another weekend has come and gone, too fast as always. We are still battling sickness…at least Emma and Taylor are. Emma has had a low grade fever, runny nose and cough for a couple days now. Taylor woke up with a slight fever this morning and I had to keep her home from school. She seems to be alright now, though. She was probably faking so I’d keep her home…LOL.

On Saturday night Doug and I went out for a belated Valentine’s Day outing. We went to Oasis Hot Tub Gardens

for a relaxing 1 1/2 hour soak using a gift certificate that we had gotten for Christmas. Our “room” (it was outdoors, but very secluded and romantic) had a beautiful polynesian theme. It really didn’t even seem that cold…there were high walls around us and only the “ceiling” area was really open. Afterwards, we were so relaxed (and sleepy, too) that we almost skipped dinner, but it was 8 o’ clock and we were both starving. We ate a quiet dinner and then went to retreive the little ones. We don’t really get to go out a lot without the wee ones, so when we get the chance, we go for it!

Yesterday was pretty much spent running around. I like getting out as a family. It seems like we’ve been so busy with other things lately that we really haven’t done too much as a family.

Last night was a really bad night. One of the worst ones in a while. Emma woke up at 3 am and was warm (fever), so I gave her some medicine and put her back to bed. She wanted none of that. After struggling with her for over a half hour I tried coming out to the living room to rock her. Apparantly she’s outgrown that trick. All she wanted to do was get up and play. At about 4:15 she woke Taylor up with her crying…that’s when I got Doug up for help. He had to be up at 4:45 anyway… Doug took a screaming Taylor back to bed and I let Emma loose…she eventually laid down on her and Taylor’s Dora couch and fell asleep until about 7:30. I, on the other hand, dozed until 6 when Aaron had to get up. After he left I woke Taylor up and discovered that she was running a slight fever. I decided to keep her home because her school has a very strict policy about not sending kids to school with even the slightest fever, so I call the school and the bus garage, then I vegged until about 9. I know, I’m lazy…but also I’m used to getting a decent night’s sleep, too…

What a way to start the week!

Oh, I also want to post some pictures of how naughty my Emma has been lately. She wanders off and when I find her, she’s almost always doing something she’s not supposed to be doing…

Playing in Taylor’s bed…not too bad…

Playing in a dresser drawer…kind of bad…

Sitting in my spaghetti pot licking the sauce out of a pasta can that had been in the garbage (not for very long)…very bad…

This child is not even 2 yet and I think were are venturing into the land of the “terrible twos”. Yippee! I knew we were gonna be headed for trouble with this one!

BTW- My thermometer says it is 41 degrees right now! Kind of lame, I know, but when you’ve had daytime temps anywhere from 1-20 degrees for the last few weeks, 41 is warm!


2 thoughts on “Another Monday

  1. The hot tub garden sounds awesome! I’m glad that you two had a chance for some alone time!

    That Emma…giving her momma trouble!!

  2. I love the fact that Emma was sitting in the spaghetti pot. That is funny, although I totally understand the kid getting into stuff that she isn’t supposed to…
    Ray and I went to Oasis a few years back and loved it. Glad that you two had a nice night out!

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