Countdown to Summer!

Now that spring is officially here, I am now counting down to summer. Although, I’m not in as much of a hurry for summer as I was for spring…I just hate winter so much that I’m glad to see it go bye-bye for another nine months.

I don’t have any good spring shots, yet. Everything here is pretty brown and yucky. Good news is that there is no snow! It even got to 66 degrees here today!

I do have some new pics to post…I’m sure that’s no surprise. I take at least 25 a day…lol. Let’s put it this way…I haven’t had my new digital for 3 months and I’ve already taken over 2500! (Not that I kept them all, though.)

I really love that last one of Emmy, except for that blasted binky! Both Aaron and Taylor had gotten rid of theirs by 18 mos. (which I am surprised at now with Taylor…changes are usually difficult with her and that transition wasn’t all that hard). We are using “bink” less and less though…mostly at nap and bed time and this pic was taken about 10 minutes before bed. We even went to the store yesterday without one! Woo-hoo!

Happy Spring!


One thought on “Countdown to Summer!

  1. I am glad that it is finally getting nice up there! Our spring is already bringing 80 degree weather- almost too hot!

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