Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up…

Finally! The weather here is improving. We are nowhere near the temperatures that we were at a few weeks ago, but I’ll take mid 50’s and sunny over snow any day.

Today Doug and I took the kids to Milham Park

in Kalamazoo. Doug and Aaron tossed the baseball around while Taylor played in the dirt. I was trying to take some pictures, but ended up chasing after Emma because that girl is very naughty and runs amok and ignores us when we call her. 🙂

Despite having to chase Emma all over creation, I did end up with some good shots. I hope to go there by myself one day with both my cameras (the digital and 35 mm) and get some real good stuff. There’s always geese, ducks and people there to shoot (that sounds so bad…shoot with a CAMERA, I swear!)

Pictures from the day:

Emma, the tree-loving hippie. Oh, and she did her own hair…no joke!

Going up the stone steps.

Playing catch with dad.

Smile for mom! Lol…this shot took like 6 tries to get.

Sticks and dirt are Taylor’s favorite things to play with!


Doug trying to be serious.

Taking a break.

I love this flower!


A candid, but kinda romantic shot of a couple on one of the benches.

A Taylor close-up.

A little daisy.

The group on the bridge. Emma had her face pressed up against the fence and was cracking me up.

That’s really all I have for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great week ahead!


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