A Fashion Sense All Her Own

Emma has had this thing lately with wanting to wear the most off the wall clothing. For instance, Doug’s socks on her hands (eww) and this green polka-dotted head band (she’s wearing the headband in an earlier post). The following pics are from yesterday and today and they nicely illustrate her unique fashion sense.

I know this one is a bit blurry, I was trying to hurry and take the picture while she still had this smile on her face…no time to focus!

Emma’s attire consists of: pink tee, purple striped pants, pull up hat, USB cord scarf (I took it away after I got the pics so she wouldn’t hurt herself…she was not happy) and a Disney Princess halloween bucket. Stylish.

Today, Emma insisted on wearing one of Aaron’s shirts. Again she has on the lovely green headband. Not to mention that she looks like a dirtball.

Go Batman.

On an unrelated note, I want to congratulate Aaron on his 27 th 100% on his spelling tests! He has gotten a 100 or better ( there is a bonus word every week) on every test this year. They take a test every Wednesday and if you don’t get a 100, you have to retake the test on Friday. He’s never had to retake a test this year. We are very proud of him…way to go Aaron!

I don’t want to leave Taylor out, so here’s an update on her…

Taylor’s still been really chatty lately, so that’s good. No new words yet, but we’re still optimistic. Her and Emma have been fighting a lot lately. Not so good. It remins me of when my sister and I were younger. Except in this case, it’s the little sister picking on the big sister. Taylor’s been standing up for herself a little more and is not letting Emma walk all over her all of the time. Emma is really dominant…Taylor not so much. But I think she is starting to understand who the big sister is.


One thought on “A Fashion Sense All Her Own

  1. Hey!! Keagan does the whole pullup on his head thing all the time. Congrats to Aaron. Way to Go!!! I know the picking on each other Paige loves to pick on Tres all the time.

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