Virus Outbreak

I got a call at about 3:30 this afternoon from the head of the bus garage at Schoolcraft Schools to tell me that all the schools in the district will be closed tomorrow due to an outbreak of norovirus. She said that Aaron would be bringing a note home from the school, but she was calling me to let me know that they wouldn’t be bussing children to Croyden Ave. School (Taylor’s school) in fear of spreading this nasty virus.

All Events at the school for tonight have been cancelled including Aaron’s Spring concert, which was supposed to be tonight, and his little league pictures, which are supposed to be tomorrow. Wow. Just peachy. Apparently, the “outbreak” is mainly affecting students and staff at the Upper Elementary (grades 3-6), but I’m guessing there were more cases in the other schools, too, otherwise they wouldn’t have shut down the entire school system.

As of right now, Aaron and Taylor seem to be ok. Aaron may have had contact with some of the sick students via the bus, so that worries me. Taylor rides the handicapped accesible bus, so she may not have come into contact with it there, but she’s around Aaron all the time. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that neither one will get it, because if it’s as contagious as I have heard, we’ll all end up with it. Besides, I am battling a cough that’s lasted 6 days so far (and driving me nuts!) and don’t really care to be more sick.

In the letter from the school , they say that they should reopen Monday, but in some other cases I saw on the news back a while ago, it took longer than 3 days to clean the schools. So, we’ll see I guess.


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