We’re Going to see The Wiggles!

The Wiggles (who Taylor and Emma absolutely adore) are coming to Detroit in August to perform their live show. Doug and I thought that this would be a great birthday present for both girls…Taylor’s 4th birthday is July 15 and Emma’s 2nd birthday is September 18. The concert is August 15, right in between. We will be taking the girls and Aaron (who is way too old for this) will either spend the day at a friend’s or grandma’s.

This is an old photo of The Wiggles. Actually the Yellow Wiggle (Greg) quit the group last year due to a chronic health condition. I have yet to see anything with his replacement (Sam).

So today I bought the tickets for the show, which is at The Palace of Auburn Hills. I have never been there…actually I think the only time I’ve even been near Detroit is when I played in the marching band at the Silverdome waaay back when I was a freshman in high school.

I am really excited about it…more to see how Taylor and Emma will react then anything else. They are on a Wiggles kick right now. It’s all they want to watch. Emma will bring me one of their DVD’s when she wants to watch them…lol…as soon as I finished writing that, Emma brought me a DVD… Taylor even gets into the action by standing by the tv and dancing with the music. Emma knows the hand movements and some of the words to the songs. She tries to sing with every one and I do acutally hear a legible word here and there.

We still have a few months until the concert, but I will make sure to do a post on it. It should be a fun day for all.


One thought on “We’re Going to see The Wiggles!

  1. Emmy isn’t really into the Wiggles yet, even though her friends are. She doesn’t seem to like it because it isn’t animated- which is fine with me!

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