Virus Outbreak Part II (and some other things)

School resumed on Monday for both Aaron and Taylor, who didn’t have school last Friday due to a norovirus outbreak that shut down Schoolcraft schools. Little did I know, that just a short while later the norovirus would shut down another school…Taylor’s.

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from Taylor’s school saying that the school would be closed the rest of the week due to norovirus and classes would resume on Monday. I later found out that the classes in the lower part of the building (the autistism impaired or AI classes) were the only ones closed on Wednesday and the entire school was closed yesterday and today.

I really hate it when Taylor misses school, but fortunately, this week was a transition week for her. The students have individual tutors that are Western Michigan University students and last week was the end of the semester for those students. The new semester starts on Monday, so the AI students pretty much had a free week this week filled with videos, games and playing outdoors (the weather has been gorgeous!).

So far, no one here seems to have any symptoms of the virus, so I am very hopeful that we won’t get it.

I have really enjoyed the past few days with the girls. We’ve gone shopping and out to lunch. It’s been a lot of fun spending time with the both of them.

Now for the Other Things.

Aaron had his first Little League game on Saturday. He did really well. He scored a point for his team and got to play second base. He had another game on Tuesday. He hit the ball twice, but got out at first both times…he also played first base, left and right field. He has another game tonight and he’s excited. I really hope he sticks with it…but he’s young yet, so we’ll have to see.

Aaron’s first hit! (Saturday)

On first base. ( Saturday)

Playing first base. (Tuesday)

Up at bat. (Tuesday)

We took the kids to the park on Sunday. All had a fun time…especially Taylor. Usually she likes to play in the dirt when we go to the park, but this time she wanted to slide down the slide! At first she needed help getting to the top (it’s only 4 or 5 steps to the top), but by the time we left she was going up the steps and sliding down the slide all by herself! We were so proud! Yea Taylor!

Taylor heading up the slide.

Taylor and Emma on the slide.

This is what happens when I try to get a nice photo…

Emma at the bottom of the tunnel slide.

More of Taylor climbing those steps (I still can’t get over it!).

Wow. I better cut this off before I have a novel. We are going to try to go to the Tulip Time festival in Holland this weekend, so if we do, I’ll have some great photos to post. Have a great weekend!


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