The Wiggles Concert & My HUGE Letdown.

Just to clarify, the Wiggles Concert was not my huge letdown.  I’ll explain that in a minute.

We had a great time yesterday!  Doug, the girls and I (Aaron was with grandma) left at 10:30 and made it there a little after 1.  By the time we got settled in our seats (which weren’t all that bad), got a program and some tees for the girls, it was about a quarter till 2 and the show wasn’t supposed to start until 2:30.   This was the time I had been dreading.  See, Taylor went through this funk right around the 4th of July, where big crowds and loud noises literally terrified her to no end.   I spent the entire fireworks show with Taylor in the car while she was huddled in the driver’s seat with her hands over her ears screaming bloody murder.  Not fun. 

She has improved since then, but we had no idea how she was going to react to all the people and the noise.  Fortunately, my prayers were answered when we got into the stadium and saw that there were 2 huge tv screens playing a Wiggles movie.  Taylor recognized it immediately and all was well.

The show was great!  It was fast paced, fun, entertaining and the girls had a ball.  Emma was dancing and singing and pointing out all the characters.  Taylor would get a little skiddish when it got real loud and would cover her face with her arm (her version of hiding), but when they sang a song that she knew she would start clapping and have the biggest smile on her face.  The concert lasted a little over an hour, which was great because after a while Emma got really fidgety.  But what do you expect?  She’s not even 2 yet, so if it was able to hold her attention for that long then it was definiely worth it.

Doug and I enjoyed ourselves, too.  I think I got into it a little more than him, though.  I sang along like I was 5 years old and nearly freaked when Murray neared our section.  I thought he was going to come up the stairs right by us, but he stayed at the bottom and waved.  Still pretty cool, though.  I mean, these people are like, way famous, and seeing them in person was awesome.

So this is the point where I explain my letdown.  Notice that I haven’t posted any pictures yet.  That’s because I DON’T HAVE ANY!  Ok, so there we were, at the concert, I get my camera out to take some pics of the girls and the stage.  I have Doug and Emma pose for me,  I get the shot ready, push the shutter and nothing…  I find out that my camera (which had worked fine earlier that morning) had taken a complete CRAP on me.  Everything else works, but the shutter.  I seriously thought I was going to cry.  And what really made it worse was the fact that my father in law had offered us his camera to take, but we refused because I had brought my camera.  How much does that suck??  So, the only pics I have were taken with Doug’s cell phone and the quality of those aren’t the best, so basically I have nothing.  😦

So, other than that, our day was a success.  We were all very tired when we got home and it wasn’t long before the girls were both out.  I’m not sure whether they’ll remember it, but I’m sure Doug and I will be telling them about it for many years to come.


2 thoughts on “The Wiggles Concert & My HUGE Letdown.

  1. I’m glad you had fun at the concert. Maybe you can have them draw pictures or something to help remember it.

    I would have been singing loud and strong! We LOVE the Wiggles!

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