Back in Business

I have dragged my old 2 MP camera from the depths of a box full of odds and ends so I can continue taking pictures.  *Sigh*  No macro feature, no 2.4 inch LCD screen, no 1GB memory card, no effects…just point and shoot.  I guess I am lucky that I have another camera to fall back on.  Well, there’s always my 35mm, but it’s not as convenient as a digital. 

I’m so bummed about this.  I love that camera.  In the 7 1/2 months I’ve had it I’ve taken over 5,500 pictures with it.  I’m looking into getting it fixed, but I don’t want to pay more to fix it than what it’s worth.  Plus, we’re trying to save up the $$ to get me a DSLR, which is basically a digital camera that you can change the lenses on (like my SLR 35mm…only much more expensive). 

So anyway, I got out ol’ trusty rusty and took some pics of the kids.  The girls are wearing their Wiggles tees, so I really wanted to post those. 

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