Please Put Me Out of My Misery

I woke up this morning feeling like total poo.  Sore throat, headache, runny nose and all around BLAH.  Of course, this had to be the day that the kids went like completely nuts on me.  Or maybe their screaming and fighting was normal and just amplified to astrnomical levels because of this pounding in my head.  Eh, who knows.

So I guess this one will be short n sweet today.  Our weekend was good.  We spent it packing up stuff (and getting rid of stuff) so when we move we’ll have less to do.  The house is an absolute wreck…I planned on doing some more work on it today, but I let it slide cause I was in no shape (or mood, for that matter) to do any of that.  Now we just have to find a house and we’ll be all set.  😉

Oh, and we got Aaron’s hair cut today.  It’s a good dang thing , too, because it was driving me nuts!  He says he likes it long becase that the way his favorite tv star, Drake Bell wears his.   No thanks, he looks like his hair could pass for a helmet.

So this is what his hair turned out like.  I can actually see his face!  Yay for hair cuts!

Ugh.  I think I’m gonna lay down for a while.  Doug  and  Aaoron were ever so kind to do the dishes for me, so I think I’ll take advantage and have some mama time.


One thought on “Please Put Me Out of My Misery

  1. Thanks, I was looking for an outside oppinion.
    This is what my hair looks like right now. I need to cut it, it’s also a helmet.

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