Our Terrible Twos Dilema

 I used to joke about Emma being in the “terrrible twos” stage since she was born.  I take it all back.  The terrible twos are here, and they’ve made themselves a permenant resident in the mind, body and soul of my seemingly sweet 23 month old daughter.

Emma is a wild one, always has been.  But her behavior the last few weeks takes the cake.  She terrorizes Aaron to no end.  She hits him, scratches him, kicks him, pulls his  hair and most recently throws things at him.  She doesn’t do too much to Taylor except pushing. 

After the weekend we just had, we’ve determined that she has it out for Aaron.  As I mentioned yesterday, Aaron was gone all weekend.  Steve and Andrea (along with Andrea’s cousin Emily) went to Chicago where they visited 
Shedd Aquarium.  Emma was pretty wll behaved all weekend long, that is, until Aaron got home yesterday afternoon.  While we were at Aunt Carol’s, Emma hit Aaron in the face with a TV remote.  Then, this morning, she threw my camera (yikes!) at him and it hit him on the knee.  Other than that, they’ve just been at each other’s throats!  I am at my wits end!

[I should also note that Aaron does antagonize Emma a lot and that’s why she retaliates. I just don’t like how she’s retalitating.]

 I’m not sure how to even dicipline her at this age.   I’m considering time outs.  I’ve tried it a couple of times, but she didn’t understand the whole “sit here and don’t get up until I tell you” thing at the time.  I’ve also thought about putting her in her crib for time outs, but I did that with Aaron and he ended up never wanting to be in his crib.  So hopefully this time out thing will work, cause I’m just about ready for the looney bin.

*Sigh*  If I can make it until next Tuesday, I should be okay.  That’s when Aaron and Taylor go back to school.  Not having Aaron here all day might help the situation.  Hmmm…hopefully it won’t make it worse!  😉


2 thoughts on “Our Terrible Twos Dilema

  1. Ooooh, that sucks. Maybe the time apart will help them a little bit. Maybe focus on gettign Aaron not to antagonize her…he can at least understand a punishment a little bit better.

  2. sounds like Emma’s terrible twos might be a bit worse than Emmy’s were. I just had the whining and crying and temper tantrums. Time outs work pretty well on Emmy, only because she gets ignored while she sits there and cries in a chair for 2 minutes. good luck….

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