New Emmy-isms

Lately, Emma has been cracking me up with all the funny things she says.  A lot of this stuff she gets from us.  The rest of ot I’m not so sure.

For instance, the other day I was reviewing the parts of the body with her and when I pointed to her hair she said “blonde”.  At first I didn’t realize what she said, so, again, I pointed to her hair and asked “What’s this?”

“Blonde hair, mommy” was her reply.

When she wants to be held (which seems like all the time lately)  It’s “Wanna carry you?”

Many times during the day she’ll randomly walk up to me and say “Hi, Mommy, my name’s Emma.  What’s your name?”

Another one of my favorites happens at changing time, when she is stinky. I’ll say something like “Geez, Emma, you stink!”

Then Emma will say {sniff, sniff} “PU! What have you been eating?!”

I think she got that one from me.

Happy Thursday to all! 🙂

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