Taylor’s New Word

On Saturday morning I was looking for something for the girls to watch on tv while I picked up the house.  I saw that Max and Ruby was going to be on and left it there.  As soon as the theme song came on, Taylor started clapping and yelled “Ruby!”. 

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This is so exciting!  “Ruby” is her first word in almost a month.  We are also working on “Dora”.  What she says sounds more like “door”.  But I guess that’s not so bad, either.Taylor’s vocabulary now consists of the following words/phrases : “I do”, “I  go”, “ma ma”, “da da”, “thank you” (she also signs “thank you” as she says it), “yum yum”, “love you”, “baby”, “ba ba” (barbie) and “Ruby”.

Although Taylor still gestures quite a bit, she is slowly working her words into her everyday routine.  She’ll tell me “yum yum” when she’s hungry and when she starts saying “ba ba”, we know she’s talking about her beloved barbie doll.

That’s another new thing.  Taylor is very fond of a barbie that we got her for Christmas.  This is the first real attachment she’s made to any sort of toy geared for her age group.  It’s good to see her play with a toy instead of some of the other things she likes…spatulas, video game controller cords, toothbrushes, spoons…the list goes on and on…


2 thoughts on “Taylor’s New Word

  1. That is great! It is wonderful to see her making so much progress – even a few words and phrases is better than nothing, which I am sure that you already know!

  2. That’s awesome!!

    I had a memory this morning when I heard a Roxette song. I remember doing a dance routine (I use the term ‘dance’ loosely) to Dangerous, and can’t remember 100% if you were in our group. Nikki, Jessy, Heather, myself and I thought you were there too, but I can’t remember. Let me know!

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