Not feeling worth a poo today so I’m keeping this one short.  I think I have a head cold.  I’m all stuffy and my head/sinuses hurt.

I’m not surprised.  Miss J and Miss K had it last week.  My girls had it this week.  The boys will probably get it soon. 

What really stinks is that when anyone else around here is sick, it’s mom to the rescue.  When I’m sick I get 4 kids running around my house all day and then the boys leave me to go camping overnight.  So, basically, I have to fend for myself.  Even when I feel like Iwant to die poo.

The price you pay for being a mama.

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Have a happy and healthy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. ick.
    I am the only one who hasn’t gotten sick, and I am SO hoping that I don’t. Because like you said, there isn’t anyone to take care of mommy when she’s sick. 😦

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