Playing the Catch-up Game

I hate being sick. 

Not only do I feel crappy, but I get extra-lazy and neglect that which need to be done…Housework. 

I did it.  I neglected my housewifely duties of cleaning, mopping, dusting, laundry (folding it anyway), dishes and picking up toys. 

For three whole days.

So, for the last 2 days I have been playing catch-up.  Fortunately, Doug and Aaron were nice enough to help out while I was sick, but I still had a lot to do. 

The big one was laundry.  I was washing and drying the clothes, but then putting the clean stuff into a pile that resembled Mt Everest.  I had to sweep and/or mop everywhere.  It always amazes me how fast dust accumulates around here ( all hard wood and tile flooring…dust collects like mad).  In general, picking up hasn’t been too bad.  The kids are getting better at cleaning up after themselves, so that is going quickly.

I still have to tackle the bathroom. 

My least favorite task. 

Good thing we have a small bathroom.

I have also neglected blogging…at least this blog and Taylor’s blog.

I did keep up on my Photo a Day project on my photoblog.  That is easy though, post a pic and you’re done.

I hope to do a new post on Taylor’s blog in the next day or two.  There just hasn’t really been anything new to blog about lately.

Anyhoo, I’m better now, except for a lingering cough that’s driving me loopy, so bear with me and I’ll start cranking out the good stuff again.  🙂

Happy Tuesday!

*Updated: Read about the new game that’s loads of fun for Taylor but is making Mommy all sorts of crazy.


2 thoughts on “Playing the Catch-up Game

  1. I just did a major cleaning of my house, which was not fun. What the heck is it with dust? I swear, I can dust the coffee table on Monday morning and before the evening is over, I can write my name in the dust with my finger. I used to love the commercial where the couple lived in the concrete house with concrete furniture. It would certainly make life simpler. Cold, but simpler.

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