Separated at Birth?

The other day I was browsing through US Weekly Magazine’s website when I came across a picture of a little girl who has a striking resemblance to Emma.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lola Sheen, almost 3, is the daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

When I saw this photo, I was astounded at how closely they look alike.  The are even close in age.  Lola may be a few months older than Emma.

I thought I was imagining things, so I sent this photo comparison to several family members and showed it to Doug; just to make sure I was seeing things right.  I got the same answer from everyone : “Oh my gosh!  They could be twins!”

I pose the question to you, now…could they be twins?

Have a Great Sunday! 🙂 Peace.


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