Odds and Ends

Not much going on here.

It’s finally starting to warm up.

And by warm, I mean 55 degrees.

Not fabulous, but I don’t have to wear a winter coat outside, so that’s a plus.

It’s supposed to be in the 60’s by the weekend.

One can only hope.


The kids are officially on spring break now.

Nothing big planned.

I still have to babysit Miss J and Miss K most of next week, but I think I’m getting a long weekend.

I’m all for it.

Maybe I’ll take the kids to the park or something, if the rain holds out.

We’ll see what happens.


I posted an awesome article about Taylor’s school over on my autism blog today.

Check it out, it’s a good read.


Still taking tons of photos, but unfortunately, my stone-age cpu isn’t equipped enough to even upload photos (from my new camera at least.)

I’ll take some with my point ‘n’ shoot and post those soon…at least this cpu can handle that!


Last, but not least, a bunch of people from my family (including the 5 of us) are participating in an autism walk on April 26.  We would like to raise as much $$ as we can.  If any one of my blogging buddies would like to make a pledge for the cause, please feel free to email me at photomommy1979(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Please do not feel obligated to do so, we’re just trying to drum up as much support as possible.

Have a wonderful Thursday!



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