Weekend Recap

We finally got the weather I had been waiting for last weekend. It was sunny, warm, and heavenly.  We spent almost all weekend outside.

On Saturday, we did some yardwork and the kids did a lot of playing. There wasn’t a lot to do with the yard.  Mostly raking that didn’t get done in the fall.  The kids had a ball.  It was really the first time they had played in our yard since we moved here (almost 4 months ago!). Taylor loved it so much that she never wanted to go inside! 

On Sunday, Doug set up a playset in the yard for the girls. We’ve had the thing for years…it had been in storage because our yard at our previous house wasn’t big enough for it…(I bought it for Aaron when he was 2)…they loved it.  Aaron was mad when he saw it, he thought we’d went out and bought it for them.  I told him that it was his.  He didn’t believe me until I pulled out my trusty rusty photo album…  🙂  We also had our first barbeque of the year…with guests!  My brother, his girlfriend, and her sister stopped by and we decided to thow together an impromptu barbeque…it was a good thing that I had went grocery shopping earlier that day!

Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day, too.  The girls ambushed me at 9:45 in the morning wanting to go out and play.  We spent all day out yesterday, too, with the exception of Emma’s naptime.  I got some reading done…and that’s about it.

I got a lot of great photos, and seeing as I haven’t posted any lately…

Aaron “striking a pose”.  I really don’t have too many photos of him…he spent most of the weekend at friends’ houses.  He’s too cool to stay home with the ‘rents.

 Taylor “supervising” the yardwork.

Emma should look into a career in landscaping.

Taylor and Daddy.

Emma making her way through the tunnel.

Taylor on her bike.

Emma playing with rouge leaves.

More photos soon!

Happy Tuesday! 





4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. What a fun time with shots to match. I love that little supervisor you have! SOO cute! And just one more reason to always have the fridge stocked at all times. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great to finally get outside and do some yard work? We did some earlier this week, and it felt great to get it done!

  3. I wish Spring would last forever. The best part about it is how tired the kids are at bedtime after a full day of playing outside. Great pictures!

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