Insert Title Here


What to write about?

My weekend?

Cold.  Rainy.  Little bit of snow yesterday morning.

Cleaned house.  Prepared for upcoming garage sale.

Not really interesting.


The kids?

Aaron and Taylor are back to school.

Relishing the “quietness” of only having 2 kids (Emma and Miss K) here in the morning (instead of 5).

We’re back to normal there.


Aaron starts baseball practices tonight.

Opening day is May 3.

He can’t wait.

Neither can I…more practice with the camera!

We’ll be busy-busy then.


I saw my sister on Friday.

She’s now 32 weeks preggers.

Not much longer, now.

I can’t wait to meet my neice!


The Walk about Talk About Autism Walk is fast approaching. 

I am really excited to be able to participate in this event. 

I still have 2 weeks to collect pledges.

If anyone of my blogger friends would like to make a pledge to this wonderful cause, please feel free to email me at photomommy1979{at}yahoo{dot}com.

Pease do not feel obligated to do so, I am just trying to spread the word the fastest way possible, and the internet is always good for exposure.  🙂


The weather is going to warm up nicely this week. 

That will help tremendously with my garage sale prep that I will be doing all week.

The sale is this weekend and it is going to be a doosy.


Oh, and while I’m at it, does anyone have a title for my post, or am I going to have to call it something corny like “Monday Morning Hodge Podge”. 

(Hangs head in shame) Yeah, I almost called it it that.

More like “Monday Morning Writer’s Block”.

Give me a suggestion!

The winner will get….my graditude!  🙂







7 thoughts on “Insert Title Here

  1. sounds like my day. BLAH. It is gloomy and “chilly” (60 is chilly to me now). I am tired. and sick. and I have no good title for you because my titles generally suck, with the exception of a few.

    WOW, I am a ray of sunshine, aren’t I?? LOL

  2. Hey, at least you are at 60…we should be there tomorrow…and it gets better from there.

    It’s pretty BLAH here, too, but at least it’s sunny. That always makes my days better.

  3. How about “Monday Morning Mosh Pit” — sounds kind of edgy, right?

    When I’m having a hard time thinking of a title I usually try to think of song title that fits.

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