My Huge Update

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two months since I’ve really blogged.  Actually, it really wasn’t that bad.  I kept pretty busy.  It’s been pretty crazy ’round here.

I’m going to update by person, because it’s so much easier that way.


We’re great!  Things have been super busy for us.  This time of year always is.  It seems like we have something going every day. 

Doug’s been here, there and everywhere for work and I have my hands full with the kids at home.  I am still babysitting Miss J and Miss K.  Plus, I’ll be adding my new niece to the mix later on this summer.  She isn’t here yet, but my sis is due on Sunday…it could be any day now! 

Doug and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!  We’ve got our fingers crossed that baby Kenedi will be born that day, but her parents are hoping for Father’s Day (who wouldn’t?).

This weekend also marks 6 months since we moved into this house.  šŸ™‚


Mr Aaron has been a busy boy.  He started Little League in mid April, and he will be finishing up the season this weekend.  He’s improved a bunch since last year and it has been lots of fun to watch him play.  He’s got 1 regular season game left (tomorrow) and a make up game on Sunday, which just happens to be a Championship game!  Last weekend they were in a tournament with 7 other teams.  They made it to the championship round, but it had to be rescheduled due to bad weather.  We’re really excited and hoping that they win!

This week Aaron finished 3rd grade.  I now have a 4th grader.  His grades throughout the entire year were wonderful.  He’s a smart cookie.

Aaron has reached another milestone in the last couple of months.  He’s now 5 feet tall…and 9 years old.  At this rate I’ll be looking up at him by the time he’s 13! 

052008 517 


Taylor is doing wonderful!  She seems to improve daily.  We work with her every day with simple tasks like: waving hello and good bye, taking objects from one place to another, speaking, potty training (still plugging away, but improving!), dressing herself, cleaning up after herself, etc.

She finishes up her regular school year tomorrow, but continues with the summer semester after a week off.  The summer semester is shortened (4 day weeks with several weeks off ) and she enjoys it so much I have no problem sending her.

As it stands right now, she has 1 year left at Croyden before she enters Kindergarten.  Technically, I could send her this coming year, because she does meet the age requirement (age 5 before DEC. 1 and she’ll be 5 in July).  But I think another year at Croyden will be good for her.  

062008 162


What can I say about my Emma-Lou?  My sweet little hippie-child who tests every boundary she is given…  My angel, whose horns hold up her halo…  Do you get the picture, yet?

Emma is a handful.  I always knew she would be.  She’s very stubborn and determined and it’s coming out more and more as she gets older.  She loves picking on Aaron, and is thrilled to death when she annoys him.  She loves Taylor immensely and is always willing to help out her big sister.

Her language and comprehension are terrific for her age.  She can carry on a conversation on just about anything and has no problem letting you know her opinions. 

We still haven’t gotten rid of the binky , yet, but it’s coming.  They will be gone by her 3rd birthday (September) whether she likes it or not.  I’m over it already.

062008 276   

So that’s it! 

I’m really glad to be back and I hope to hear from ya’ll soon!  šŸ™‚


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