Weekend Update on Tuesday

It’s been really hard getting back into my blogging.  It’s taking me a while to fit into my routine.  I’m getting there, though.  I’m not quite finished catching up on the blogs I read,  but I’m just about done.

My weekend was eventful one, starting with the arrival of my niece, Kenedi, on Friday. 

On Saturday, Doug and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. (Yay!)  We were lucky enough to be able to go out (alone).  He took me to the movies (we saw The Incredible Hulk…don’t laugh…it was really good!).  Then we went to dinner and did some hot tubbing.  Good thing it was slightly cooler here…  After the hot tubs we had dessert: Cold Stone ice cream…yum!

We didn’t do much in the line of gifts this year, but I did get these:

062008 345

Aren’t they gorgeous??

Sunday was Father’s Day.  Aaron had a baseball game.  It was a make up/championship match up from a tournament that was started the week before, but was postponed due to inclement weather.

Aaron’s team played a great game and won 8-4 clinching the 1st place spot!

062008 353

Aaron up at bat.

062008 349

In right field.

062008 361

Receiving his 1st place medal.

Other than that, we pretty much took it easy on Sunday.  We let Doug relax and just bummed around the house except for our quick trip out for groceries. 

It was a fun and exciting weekend that was over much too quickly.  But we’re going to have some more good weekends coming up.  I’m sure of it.


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