Photostory Friday: Soaked

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

We are getting some warm weather here in Michigan after a cooler than normal week.  The kids wanted to go swimming, but we’re saving that for the weekend when we have more time.  So we decided to get out the ol’ hose and the Slip n Slide instead.

This is what Taylor thought of getting sprayed by daddy:


It doesn’t look like it, but she did like it.  Once Doug stopped spraying her she got all excited and danced around.  Maybe she was just happy that she wasn’t getting sprayed anymore.


18 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: Soaked

  1. Seriously the lighting in this shot is SUPERB. The only thing better is that face she’s sporting – that’s just downright hilarious.

    Thanks for your kind comments; I must say your shots are equally inspiring. Thanks so much for playing PSF – this was awesome!

  2. What a great shot! My kids are the same way about being sprayed. Irritated during all giddy and “Do it again” after. She is SUPER cute even if she does look a little miffed at being sprayed!

    PSF perfection!!

  3. Oh what a shot! Great capture. That’s quite the look on her face. My kids would totally do that to me if they were sprayed. They hate to be sprayed.

  4. Aw poor girl. She looks like she’s about to scream. And I think she was dancing around afterwards because he wasn’t spraying her anymore lol. You got a really great picture there and a lovely daughter!

  5. looks like it’s cold water… man I wouldn’t like that either 😉
    But it just proves that it makes for fun photos “torturing” the kids like hosing them down or the first bite of a lemon.
    The photo you got can be a bit tricky to capture so nice work on that one. Looks great.

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