Scared Witless

More like scared sh**less, but this is a family blog.

Yesterday afternoon, I was locked out of my house, and my girls were inside…alone.

I had just run outside to get the mail and to bring my garbage can up from the road.  I was only outside about 3 or 4 minutes.  Mail in hand, I walked up the deck to the door, turned the knob, and nothing. Locked.

My mind and heart started racing.  Emma was asleep on the couch, but Taylor was up and about and I knew she’d head for the bathroom to play in the toilet as soon as she noticed the lack of supervision.

I had no idea what to do.  I wasn’t about to crawl in a window…the only two I had open have flower boxes in front of them and I wasn’t about to go searching for a screwdriver to remove one of them.  I didn’t have my phone on me.  I knew that Aaron was not going to be home for another hour and a half…he had his house key…(hmm…maybe he locked the door so he could use his key…).

I decided I was going to need Emma’s help.  So I went to the window and woke her up.  I told her to go unlock the door, but she couldn’t quite get it.

My next hope was that maybe I hadn’t hung up my keys when I came home last.  If they were on the kitchen counter, Emma could reach them.

I told her to get my keys on the counter. 

Then I prayed.

Luck was on my side, because she came charging into the living room about 30 seconds later, my keys in hand.

This is when I had a second stroke of luck.  the screen in that window had been partially knocked out a couple of weeks ago, so Emma was able to hand the keys to me and I was able to get inside.

The whole scene lasted about 5 minutes, but I tell ya, it seemed much longer.

And now I have a couple of people to acknowledge.

Emma–  Baby girl, you are mommy’s life saver.  Thanks darling!

Taylor  Thank you for not going into the bathroom and playing in the toilet thus soaking everything in sight .  You made my day!  🙂

Doug–  Thank you for not fixing that blasted screen even though I’ve asked you to a dozen or so times. 

Aaron–  I’m not sure if it was you or not, but if you are going to lock the door when you leave to go somewhere, please make sure you tell me.  Thanks so much!

Last but not least, I have to give props to my self, for staying cool in a yucky situation.  That’s usually not my M.O., so I am impressed with myself for keeping a level head.

All I have to say now is: WHEW!


3 thoughts on “Scared Witless

  1. I almost did that once, but lucky for me the back door was not locked, so I was able to get in. I am glad that Emma was able to help you!!

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