The Turtle

On his way home Saturday afternoon, Doug came across a turtle in the road and brought it home, knowing the girls would get a kick out of it.

Taylor was interested for, like, a minute, then went to do her own thing.  Emma, on the other hand, was in love.


At first they were a little hesitant.


Then Taylor decided that she was going to check things out.



Taylor lost interest, but with a little coaxing, Emma thought it would be ok to touch him (or her…we weren’t sure and we weren’t going to check).


What was Taylor doing all this time, you ask?  Playing in the grass.  🙂


Finally, Emma worked up her courage to hold the turtle. 

Not long after that, it was time for Mr. (Miss?) Turtle to go home.  Emma was a little sad, but we explained to her that the turtle missed his family and wanted to go home.  She understood this and was ok if daddy took the turtle back to his home.   Doug took Emma with him so she was able to see where the turtle “lived”.  That was really sweet of him.

So Emma talked about “her turtle” all day.  Taylor must have liked him, too, because every time she sees pictures of it she gets really happy and laughs her “Spongebob laugh”.

It’s experiences like this I hope they remember.  I know I will.  It was priceless.


3 thoughts on “The Turtle

  1. That’s really cool. We found saw one on the side of the road a few weeks ago and stopped to say hello too. They are such interesting creatures. Then we plopped him off in the grass so hopefully he (or she – like you, we didn’t check) will be safe.

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