Itchy Scratchy


Yesterday, Missy wrote about her daughter’s vast amount of mosquito bites.  The poor thing has them everywhere, even on her face. 

Taylor is also real susceptible to bug bites, too.  No matter how much bug repellant we use, she gets eaten alive.  And, unlike Missy’s daughter, Taylor itches, bad.

I had to laugh when I saw Missy’s post, I was thankful that the bugs decided to leave Taylor’s  face alone.

And then I was greeted by this when Taylor woke up this morning:



So not only does my baby (I shouldn’t call her that…she’ll be 5 next week) have mosquito bites all over her arms and legs, but now the monsters have ravaged her beautiful face.

The bugs must really, really like her.  Out of everyone in the family, she is the only one that looks like this.

Poor thing.


One thought on “Itchy Scratchy

  1. The mosquitoes must like her because she is so sweet…. just like my daughter.
    I, on the other had, have zero mosquito bites. What does that tell ya?
    Poor Taylor – I hope they aren’t too itchy for her!

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