Happy Birthday, Taylor!

It’s so hard to believe that you are 5 years old already.  It seems like yesterday that you were a 6lb. 3oz. screaming, red faced bundle of cuteness.  Now, you are so grown up; a little girl, not a baby.



The last 5 years have been a challenge for all of us.  You have had more obstacles in your short lifetime than most people will ever have.   You surprised me, though.  You have the drive and determination that I haven’t seen in many adults.  You let nothing stand in your way.



Your smile lights up a room, and your laugh can make the grumpiest of people smile.  Anyone who meets you immediately falls in love.  It’s easy to see why.



Your dad and I are continually amazed by you.  You are so young, but you have taught us so much about life.  Our lives changed dramatically the day you were born.  We see things in a whole new light.  Things that were once ordinary are now extraordinary.



Enjoy this day.  Enjoy every day. 


Oct-Dec 2007 Misc 302

You are a blessing, an angel, and we love you dearly.

042008 284


Happy Birthday, Taylor. 

Love, Mom


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Taylor!

  1. She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to Miss Taylor and a thank you for always making us smile. I just love her soulful eyes-she always gets me!

  2. Taylor is beautiful. I mean REALLY beautiful. As was this tribute Chantelle. Wow, that last photo of her brought a smile to my face.

    Happy 5!

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