Photostory Friday: Penguin with an Attitude

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek      

Last week, while in vacation in Chicago, we visited Shedd Aquarium and that’s where I photographed this little guy (well, I suppose it could be a girl…it did have the attitude).
Anyway, this penguin was in the dead center of the exhibit and it was furious at the people looking at it.
At first, it tried to scare them away (PHOTO 1).
Then, it just got snotty and and put his/her nose in the air and ignored everyone. (PHOTO 2)
Pretty soon it’d had enough and waddled away.
I love penguins!  They are such a riot!

15 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: Penguin with an Attitude

  1. The shedd is the coolest aquarium. Great penguin shots! Reminds me of that movie about the surfing penguins, that now of course I can’t think of the name of…. Oh well.

  2. yup penguins are pretty funny…I think that is why they made them the way they are in the movie madegascar. I love your pictures you can see how snotty she is acting!

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