Photostory Friday: Daddy’s Helper

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek



On this particular day, Doug was spreading gravel on the driveway to fill in some spots that turn into ginormous  “duck puddles” (that would be an Emmy-ism) when it rains.

Emma loves to help her dad.  Pretty much anything that he does around the house, she wants to do, too.

One time, she even “helped” him mow the lawn.

Her “helping” consisted of her riding on Doug’s shoulders while he struggled to push the mower and balance her at the same time. (Who ever said that men aren’t good multi-taskers?)

I wish I’d gotten a photo of that, but I was not home at the time.  😦


11 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: Daddy’s Helper

  1. every daddy needs a good little helper like that 🙂
    I enjoy every moment I get like that.
    Even though you didn’t quite get home in time it’s some nice photos you captured 🙂

  2. The image of your hubby with your adorable little girl on his shoulders mowing the lawn is PRICELESS.

    LOVE the shovel shot with the color detail. So perfect.

    Perfect PSF!!!

  3. Ooo I like that colour thing you’ve done in the first one.

    Yes, love little girl “help”. I try to turn it to my advantage wherever possible!

  4. That first pic is too cute, and I just love when they are such great helpers. I love that her daddy let her help with the mowing.

  5. Doug must be patient! Letting my Emmy help me around the house drives me insane, although I try to remain calm and let her. 🙂

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