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Recently, I’ve been really checking out my blog stats.  I like being able to see how many (or how few) hits my blog gets per day.

I also like being able to see what you are reading.

So today, I give you, my fabulous readers, your top 5 photo mommy posts:

5. The Wiggles Concert & My HUGE Letdown

4. The Floor is Not a Potty

3. Haiku Friday- My Kids Need Some Fresh Air

2. Please Put Me Out of My Misery

1. Diaper Ditching, Potty Training and Lippy 8 Year Olds

After some more browsing, I found what people were searching for when they found these posts.

Here are the top 10 search engine terms that were used in finding my blog:

10. photo mommy (I feel so special.)

  9. need to pee (Don’t we all now and then?) 

  8. drake bell hair (Yeah, I think I only mention him once on this blog.)

  7. diapers for 10 year olds (Why?)

  6. put me out of my misery (Don’t we all feel that way sometimes?)

  5. drake bell (Again, only mentioned him once…well, now 3 times.)

  4. 8 year old in diapers (What’s up with that?)

  3. haiku for kids (Because haiku rocks.)

  2. 10 year olds in diapers (Bordering on obsession…)

  1. autism graphics (Finally!  A good one!)


If you think this post was a fun read, try it yourself!  You might like it!


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