Doctor Visits are FUN!

Today was routine checkup day for Aaron and Taylor.  I always dread this because:

A.  Taylor is seriously uncooperative.

B.  Aaron can be seriously uncooperative.

C.  Emma is Emma.  And Emma is a handful.

Today we started going to a new practice.  The one we were going to split up, so now we go to a different one in the same town.  Fortunately, the doctor that I really liked is there now too, so all is cool.

What wasn’t cool was the drive there.  I am not very familiar with the town.  I know a few areas, but the new office is in an area that I have never been to before.

I mapquested me some directions and I was off, only to get lost due to a road closing and no detour.  I called the office to help me only to be put on hold for 10 minutes.

Eventually I found the place (and yes, still on hold) and we went inside.  We weren’t late thanks to my almost obsessive need for punctuality.

Aaron’s appointment was scheduled for 10 am.  Taylor at 10:30.  Yeah, we didn’t even get called back until after 10:30.  And then, they wanted Taylor to pee in a cup!  Ha!  Not happening!

So, in a nutshell, both kids are doing great.  Aaron’s 5ft height milestone was confirmed and Taylor measured in at 42.5 in and 37.5 lbs. (which were great improvements for her…she’s always been a bitty thing).

Then the bad news.  Both needed Hep A shots.  Yay.  Aaron took his like a champ.  Taylor struggled, but it went fine in the end.

When we finally got done (at 11:30!) I decided that sticking  just 2 of the kids wasn’t enough.  Emma wasn’t getting any of the pokey fun, so we went to the hospital (in the same town…I know where that is) and had some blood drawn from her!

She just needed some routine labs done and I had been avoiding it for almost a year (needles are scary!).  But I was told she needed these done before she turned 3 (next month!) and since I was in the neighborhood, I thought I’d get that done, too.

Oh boy, was that fun.

First off,  when we arrived at the hospital, I discovered that Emma had peed through her pull-up and her shorts and all over her car seat. (Even though she pottied at the doctor’s office). Nice.

Determined to get these labs done today, I considered my options:

A.  Go to the Walmart down the road and buy her a new pair of shorts.  (Yes, I forgot to pack extra, so sue me.)

B.  Change her into a fresh pull-up and parade her through the hospital sans pants.

I chose B.

Nobody seemed to mind.  She’s still young enough that it didn’t really seem to matter and of course she didn’t care, so that worked.

We got her registered easily enough and then it was time to wait.  Aaron took Emma to watch a fountain a few feet away and I sat with Taylor.  After a few minutes, Emma came tearing around the corner to me and shoved something into my lap.

4 Kit Kat bars.

My Emma, my little girl, pilfered 4 candy bars from the gift shop!

Holy Crap!

I made Aaron put them back with the promise that we’d buy some when we were done. (So embarrassing!)

Then it was time for the blood draw.  Emma was awesome!  I had to stay outside with Taylor, who was throwing a tantrum, but Aaron was with her.  They had to stick her twice. (I hate that!)  But no flinching, crying, or any of that.  What a big girl!

Afterward, Emma was all proud as she proclaimed “Mommy, I got blood!” 

It’s adorable.

Oh, and I did buy the candy bars.  The kids did good.

I made this video of the kids after we got home.  I wanted to have a record of the whole “I got blood!” bit.

I actually have all the kids in this one!  Enjoy!



One thought on “Doctor Visits are FUN!

  1. LOL about the Kit Kats!
    Glad the visits went well, and all were healthy. We haved Emmy’s 4 year checkup next week, which I know involves like 4 shots – NOT looking forward to that one!

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