28 Hours Binky-Free (and counting)

Some background for those of you who don’t know.  My youngest, Emma, who is turning three next month, still uses a pacifier (or binky, as it is referred to in my house).

Her binky usage has been quite the controversy among some members of my family.  They tell me “Just take it away.  She’ll get over it.”

Easy for them to say.  They don’t have to listen to her after I take it away. 

Fast forward to about three weeks ago.  Emma’s binky is in her mouth all. the. time.   And when she didn’t have one, she was looking for one.  It was quite pathetic.  So Doug and I enacted a “binky’s are only for nap time and bedtime” rule.

Let me tell you, the first couple days of that were loaded with fun.  In the first day alone, she spent 2 hours saying whining the phrase ” I want my binky back!” over and over and over.

The only good part of that situation is that I didn’t cave!

As time went on, every day got a little better.  Now she knows she only gets the “b” at nap and bedtime, so she rarely asks for it.  Lately, she’s been skipping naps, so as the  Soup Nazi would say “No soup binky for you!”

So, yesterday rolls around.  We do our normal Saturday stuff.  The nap is skipped.  Doug and I go out to dinner for his birthday (which is coming up on Tuesday).  We come home to find Emma asleep, without a binky.  So we put her to bed and she sleeps, all night, without her binky.

When she wakes up at 7:30 this morning (ugh) she immediately requests it.  I tell her “I’m sorry, sweetie, but you have to wait until nap time.”  (I’m always the bad guy.)

Rather than freaking out, she says “Ok, Mommy, I gotta pee.”

The B-word had not been mentioned since.

I wonder how long we she can last?


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