Photostory Friday: Emma’s Bunny

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


This is Emma’s bunny.  Otherwise known as “Wabbit”. 

Wabbit has been a frequent visitor in our neighbor’s lawn for the last few weeks.  I think she (and I’m only guessing at this) might have a nest nearby.

Whenever I see Wabbit hopping around outside, I tell Emma “Look!  You’re bunny came to see you!”

After she dutifully informs me that this is a “wabbit” and not a bunny, she watches her hop around the yard until she hops out of sight. 

After Wabbit has gone, Emma is always a little sad.  She asked me one time “Where did my wabbit go?”

I replied “Wabbit went home to be with her family.  They miss her.”

Her answer to that was “I miss her, too.”  😦

How adorable is that?


14 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: Emma’s Bunny

  1. Aww, how sweet. Maybe tell her “wabbit misses her, too, and that’s why she comes to visit?

    I just love the purity and innocence and straight forwardness of young children.

  2. Oh that’s too cute! I like the name wabbit, and the fact she’s named the bunny. We have a bunny and I can’t convince my 3 year old to name him. It’s always “My Bunny.” 😉

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