A Family Tradition Continues

For the past three years, Doug and I have taken the kids to Gull Meadow Farms  for a day of fall fun.  Photos from year one can be found here.  (Due to my little blogging hiatus late last year, I don’t have pictures posted from year two.)

But here we are, year three of what Doug and I will be a long lasting family tradition!  The kids had a blast.  They played, picked apples, went on a wagon/hay ride, picked out pumpkins and had apple cider.  Doug and I had fun, too, but the kids wore us out!  At least this year we had help, as we were joined by my father in law, who I think had just as much fun as the kids!

As usual, I took a ginormous amount of photos.  Do you really expect anything less from me? 

I love pumpkins!



My kids ride on the “cool bus”.



Emma waving hi.



Taylor loved all the sights and sounds.



Aaron’s wondering what we’re going to do next.



Emma on the Pumpkin Lane Train.



Taylor on the Pumpkin Lane Train.



The Pumpkin Lane Train!



Taylor and Grandpa.






I love all the colorful flowers.



I’m really glad the kids like apples…



Because we picked a ton!



Aaron reaching high for a big one.



Apples on the ground.



All three kids in a decent shot…amazing!



This is how Taylor picked her pumpkin…no joke!



Emma’s got a big one!






These are the one’s I bought…this color is awesome.



I really had to cut myself off from posting more photos!  I have so many good one’s that it was hard to pick and choose.  I might post some more later on this week…


6 thoughts on “A Family Tradition Continues

  1. Those flowers are all really pretty. Love the colors!

    I wish we had someplace like that here. My kids would LOVE to pick apples.

  2. I can’t wait to go to our nearby pumpkin patch that we found last year – it is definitely one of my favorite seasonal things to do with the kids!

    I do miss apple picking, because we do not have that here. Probably too hot. Great photos, as always!

  3. The photos are absolutely beautiful! Nice work!

    I am glad that you had a good time. That seems like a great family activity-wish we had that around here, but I guess some people here actually drive up to NY!

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