Decisions, Decisions

I am in need of a new 8×10 portrait of Emma.  Aaron gets his school pics tomorrow and Taylor had hers done today.  The one I have up of Emma now is almost 10 months old and she looks so different now.

Being and active 3 year old, Emma doesn’t like to stand still long enough for a really good portrait.  I got some this afternoon, but I am unsure if I should use one of these, or if I should try again.

I am going to post my favorites, in order from “absolute fave” to “just a fave”.  People of the internets, help me make up my mind!

1. This is an “absolute fave”.  The only thing I don’t like is the whole “crazy arms” thing.  But definitely very cute.


2.  I really do like this one, just unsure because of the play set in the background.


3.  I think this one ties with #2.  She’s got the crazy arms again, but I love the smile.  Also afraid blowing it up to 8×10 will cut off some of her pony tail.


4.  This one is so cute.  She’s so carefree here.  Great smile.  Cropping’s a concern.  Almost looks a smidgen blurry to me, too…


So, internets?  What do you think?  Are any (or all) of these photos of my Emma Lou framable?  I’d reeeaallly appreciate the help!

UPDATED:  Photo 4 has not been showing up, so if you want to see it and it’s not there, click on the the empty space and you’ll be able to see it.  Sorry!


5 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I love them all…can you have them all printed? They do look the tiniest bit dark on my monitor though…maybe bring the brightness up just a tiny bit? They’re awesome shots….I don’t think I could choose.

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