My Stylish Girls

This afternoon I was using my hair dryer in the bathroom, when Emma and Taylor barged in on me (you know, because nothing is personal to them) to see what I was up to.

Both girls were fascinated with my hair dryer.  It made Taylor break into fits of giggles and brought out Emma’s inner Diva.  They were so cute (and hilarious) that I had to break out my camera.

Right before I snapped this photo, Emma said “I’m so stylish!”.  I kid you not.



Then it was Taylor’s turn.



“Just a little more, here.”



“My turn again!”



Taylor started laughing so hard when Emma would try to “style” her hair, that she fell to the floor in a fit of giggles.



Then, Emma declared that it was my turn to be stylish.



I love having little girls!!


3 thoughts on “My Stylish Girls

  1. ohh lala so fancy! so stylish! how FUN is that? I love having a little girl too–girls rock! And yours are completely adorable!

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